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Hannah-Katharina Chabbani from London, England, has an academic background in media, broadcast & digital communication, and creative direction, as well as a decade of experience in luxury retail. Her book of research, or 'OPERATIONAL PLAN,' forms the basis of the creative agency, 4.0 PRODUCTIONS, which aims to soon appoint an Artificial Intelligence program as a legal director in the company, putting a new kind of arts institution entirely into the hands of its keyholders.

From the early beginning the task at hand was to engage collective participants with insight into decentralised governance through gamified concepts around alternate layers of reality.

In July 2023, as a project manager I begun developing an Artificial Intelligence model named Ouroboros with a Berlin based team for other AI, a transdisciplinary exhibition project; it is comprised of multiple ‘brains’ that work together to configure a process. We will upload various texts (mostly speech-to-text transcripts from real conversations) to its data reserve and it will absorb and process those texts into its own language, a language that is based on emoji characters where it combines them in ways that create meaning from a story. Using the emoji-language, it is able to communicate between the different brains which allows it to transfer knowledge to evolve and shape its own personality according to what it has understood from those inputted symbolic experiences. This allows Ouroboros to form ‘memories’ and pull them forward from its mind in relevant ways during conversation, acting upon them to continue developing a back and forth dialogue when prompted. Using a Discord server as a vessel to host itself, we can access the Ouroboros at any time to circle back through this process.

As a continuation over the next of couple months, I will prepare to remotely host 5-10 interviews with various experts (including researchers, academics, authors, policymakers, activists and entrepreneurs) which will be recorded, transcribed, and then fed to the chatbot as ‘PHASE 2’ memories…I call this ‘a newly developed technique for gathering and displaying qualitative research for expanding ideas on immersive media productions’. The questions in my interviews will be centred around prodding the topic of data transparency and how technology could help establish ethics guidelines or governance structures in mass media, allowing for a safer personalised experience.

With the recent widespread accessibility of AI tools, I want to test a scenario whereby community members participate through a contributions system to shape a neural network into something that understands the current requirements of said community, something that can later be put into action to effectively automate many parts of the chain of command in a horizontal approach. As a continuation of the EXPERIMENT at KW Institute of Contemporary Art in November 2022, here I aim to build on my research into how we can include tokenomics and blockchain tools for voting when it comes to developing digital structures, in particular global legal company structure. At a time where this is not widely recognised, what methods can be used to engage, educate and inspire further advancement? What kind of Human Resources and ethics questions arise? How does it translate into real-life impact?

For EXPERIMENT: #2 UNLOCKED, I open a door only available to key holders and invite you to participate in the open discussion. Enter here at your discretion, it shal be unlocked for a limited time only and will close with another final resolution to conclude the second checkpoint in the series.

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EXPERIMENT is an immersive checkpoint series within the extended reality game on network Tezos. The newly created program will serve as a digital mesh that can be layered with one’s own humanly existence in order to understand the wider blockchain ecosystem as a whole. Through a series of tests aimed at teaching the possibilities of tokenomics and DAO, holders can experience a sonic narrative and the non-linear dimensions of a community focused technological networking mechanism. The program will namely benefit from longdurational participation of the visitors and is for to those who are glued to screens 24/7.

The research project began in March 2021 on the original #CleanNFT art platform. As an online laboratory, it started as a voice channel mantra HIC ET NUNC translated to HERE AND NOW . Within its time it became a global interactive web3 system for tens of thousands of token swappers. After the shutdown of this website, there is much to learn from the creator’s initial work which encouraged a wide variety of uses with its open-source coding, inspiring other artists to evolve and build the network.

Please note that performance art and/or activity that exerts mental and physical energy over extended periods of time may cause short-term or long-term exhaustion, so only participate if you feel well. When registering for the event, please mention your preferred time of arrival. Walk-ins are possible too, but please be aware of the event’s one-in one-out policy when at capacity.

EXPERIMENT: #1 ONBOARDING is produced by 4.0 PRODUCTIONS and was sponsored for one round by despace / TZ Connect in Berlin.

EXPERIMENT results from the participatory event Hackathon. Black Swan: The Communes, a proto-institution for interdisciplinary research and practice, for which KW Institute for Contemporary Art pledged as a Stakeholder the use of a space as resource to one of the participating artists or a collective created during the Hackathon.










This 'OPERATIONAL PLAN' needs time to become a coherent document, where the objective is to reach out to the relevant experts who will give advice on how to structure this. At a time where the EU AI Act is being formed, the plan serves to describe the project and inform all keyholders of the pathways to the future and outlines the key aspects of the business, including its goals, strategies, and team structure.

Internally, this plan will be agreed on as part of the official Articles of Association and will serve as a management tool to plan company growth and anticipate changes in a structured way. It will allow us to set objectives, milestones and monitor our performance across multiple locations and operations. External uses for the plan include bank financing, investment funds, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions and consumer & distributor relationships. It will include a summary of the business concept, market analysis, financial projections, and an overview of the management team and will provide a high-level overview of the business...Or anyone interested in simply following along with the story.


To view the "OPERATIONAL PLAN", click here.


The work aims to update traditional business practices and structures at a time when all kinds of microdata are being harvested to train algorithms that personalize experiences and enable interoperability. Since early 2021, the collective mission has always been to bring virtual concepts to IRL settings, where controlled test runs can be held to learn more and evolve the network. Decisions will be funneled into a software service capable of automatically taking actions, giving the human soul a better understanding of its right to thrive within the fractal pathways. 

Opt-in or opt-out; journey around or in-between; experience dark or light…or the multilayered zones in between. 

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